I have 3 cats.   The mom is  Flutter, and her children are the boy Chub Chub and the girl Crystal.


Chub Chub

Missing Chub

Chub was missing. Then one day i was joking around and I said ” what if Chub Chub just went on vacation.” and he came back :0


missing :(

two days ago my dad told me that  flutter was gone 🙁 so  if you see her call us and my cat  mittens went missing one  year ago so did my cat fluffy ran away Read more…

Both Cats

WWE cats

Chub waiting on a chair. Crystal walks under the chair, BAM!!! Chub Cub jumps on Crystal 🙂

Chub Chub

Tub Chub

It was a normal night for me, I was in the tub I see Chub Chub he walks up and sniffs the water and …jumps in. He quickly jumps out. He starts licking himself.